We are Surf Wala, a group of international surfers living in Goa, dedicated to promoting and facilitating surfing here.

Based out of the well known Surf Club on Arambol beach, we have all the equipment and expertise to ensure that all you have to do, is get here and get surfing.

Basic Surf Lesson Rs.2500 per 90 minute lesson.

That’s 20 minutes of beach instruction and 70 minutes of surfing with the instructor guiding and supervising you in the water (with no more than 4 students per instructor at a time, as per safety regulations)

(Lesson prices include a board, wax and use of a rash guard. You must bring your own swimwear)

Intermediate Lesson and Kids Surf Lesson Rs.2500 per 90 minute 1-on-1 lesson with an instructor.

We recommend this for those wanting to progress in a particular aspect of their surfing and for surfers below the age of 12 years old

3 Day Surfing Course Rs.6500 per person.

That’s 3 hours of lessons and 3 hours of free surfing.

5 Day Surfing Course Rs.11000 per person.

That’s 5 hours of lessons and 5 hours of free surfing.

Group Surf Lesson Rs.5000.

90 minute lesson for a minimum of 3 people. Book together to get this discount.

We are happy to adjust the above options to better suit your needs.

Surf Boards Rs 500 per hour/Rs 1500 per day.

(We will provide you with wax and use of a rash guard. You must be a competent surfer, and bring your own swimwear)

Body Boards Rs 200 per hour/Rs 500 per day.
(We will provide you with the use of a rash guard. You must know how to swim, and bring your own swimwear)