To get the maximum effect from learning to surf, we suggest spending some time with us. This way you will be able to relax as much as possible and not think about anything other than comprehending the art of conquering the wave. We must warn you — the impressions you get can seriously change your view of the world and the rest of your life!

As in any tropical country with a monsoon climate, the presence of good waves here depends very much on the season. In Goa, the best time for surfing comes with the end of the monsoon rains at the end of September, when on a good day the waves reach a height of three meters, and lasts until mid-February with an average wave size of 1-2 meters. Here, depending on the season, there are very, very decent waves that will give pleasure from riding even to professionals, and numerous beach breaks and almost empty line-ups create ideal conditions for learning to surf in Goa at an elementary level. Mastering the art of surfing is a long process that takes, as a rule, more than one year and, like any other, it has clear stages, the correct observance of which is the key to safety, rapid progress and achievement of goals

On the territory of the camp there is a hotel building with 8 rooms, 6 cottages, a restaurant of European cuisine with affordable prices and a good selection of freshly squeezed juices, a sports corner for warming up, a shower to wash off the sand if you have just finished a surfing lesson and a bar where live music concerts are held on Sundays from 8 to 11 pm accompanied by barbecue. Accommodation 1 SINGLE or 1/2 DBL TWIN (two people in a room in a room), hot water, cleaning, Wi-Fi, 2 minutes to the sea on foot, there is laundry and motorbike rental.

Our school offers various group and individual training programs, as well as everything that can accelerate your progress in conquering the wave. On the territory of the camp, you will have balance board and slack line simulators at your disposal, helping to improve your sense of balance, which is one of the most important for mastering surfing.

The group size in our school is no more than three people per instructor, so you get maximum attention and learn to ride the board faster. Lessons at our school last an hour and a half, since surfing is a sport associated with fairly high physical exertion and it may be difficult for an unprepared person to withstand a longer lesson. After the end of the lesson, you can practice surfing on your own and consolidate the skills you have acquired today — renting a board is already included in the price of the camp.